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Meet some of our training team members

We feel the knowledge and experience of our trainers is invaluable in helping people gain the confidence and skills to save lives and deal with emergency situations.




 Andy is a Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine and Chairman  of the Advance Life Support Course Committee of the Resuscitation  Council (UK). He is also a member of the Education Committee of the  European Resuscitation Council and holds a Masters Degree in Medical  Education.




 Dave has previously worked in the Fire and Rescue Service delivering  first aid training to operational fire-fighters. He has been a trainer for over  15 years and holds regulated pre-hospital care, teaching and assessing  qualifications.





 Teresa is a Registered Nurse with experience in A&E, Paediatrics and  Occupational Health. She has taught first aid for 10 years and holds a  Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PCGE). Teresa also has  extensive experience in the administration of medicines and safe moving  of people.




 Sue is an experienced Paramedic who has responded to front line  emergencies for almost 30 years. She holds a formal teaching  qualification and delivers a wide range of courses, including Intermediate  Life Support (ILS) to NHS hospital staff.




 David worked as a Paramedic for 21 years and has taught first aid for  nearly 30 years. He holds a regulated teaching and assessing  qualification and is also a qualified driving instructor.




 Bill worked for 27 years in the Ambulance Service and was a Senior  Training Officer for 7 years. He holds IHCD instructor/assessor  qualifications and has taught first aid for over 20 years. 




 John worked for the Ambulance Service for nearly 30 years and was  promoted to the role of Senior Paramedic Tutor. Since joining First on  Scene in 2013, his teaching skills and clinical knowledge have made him a  valuable member of our training team.




 Joanne has worked as a Trainer for Yorkshire Air Ambulance and as a  Field Based Assessor for the Ambulance Service. She has taught first aid  for over 10 years and holds a City & Guilds Certificate in Teaching. 




 Alison is a Registered Paramedic with over 12 years experience in the  Ambulance Service and has undertaken various roles including Clinical  Team Leader and Solo Responder. She holds an AET teaching  qualification and delivers a wide range of courses to NHS staff.




 Jayne worked in the Ambulance Service for 20 years, serving 12 years  as a Paramedic. Jayne holds a City & Guilds Teaching Certificate and  has over 10 years experience in delivering a wide range of courses,  including instructor  programs and courses in the field of pre-hospital care.




 Gary served as a Paramedic with North West Ambulance Service before  joining First on Scene. He holds qualifications in teaching and assessing  as well as pre-hospital care and regularly delivers our First Response  Emergency Care (FREC) courses.




 Graham served in the Fire and Rescue Service for over 22 years and  during this time has spent 13 years working as a Training Officer,  delivering courses to operational staff. He holds a Certificate in Education  (Cert Ed) and has taught pre-hospital care and first aid for over 15 years




 Michelle worked for the East Midlands Ambulance Service for nearly 10  years. Her roles included working as a Paramedic Solo Responder and a  mentor for student Paramedics. Michelle has a passion for teaching first  aid and has recently gained an Education and Training qualification. 




 Andy worked for the Ambulance Service before joining the First on Scene  team. He has taught first aid on a range of courses for over 5 years and    has completed qualifications in both teaching and assessing and pre-      hospital care.




 Barry worked in the Fire and Rescue Service and holds qualifications in  teaching and assessing as well as pre-hospital care. Barry has extensive  experience delivering first aid and fire safety qualifications.



 Ron served as a medic in the armed forces before joining East Midlands    Ambulance Service. He has taught first aid for over 22 years and holds a  City &  Guilds Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training. Ron has  delivered our First  Response Emergency Care (FREC) and first aid  instructor qualifications to Police Forces, Fire and Rescue Services and  the Royal Air Force.

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