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How many first aiders are required in a school?

First Aid in Schools – Guides and Advice

Schools have to meet the requirements of several pieces of first aid guidance and legislation. We have produced an easy to follow guide to help schools with this task.
The most recent changes affecting schools are the HSE's new first aid training changes, which include:

  • The way that you should carry out a First Aid Needs Assessment.
  • The introduction of new approved courses and types of first aider.
  • A new training cycle that includes annual refresher training.


Frequently Asked Questions from Schools

How do the HSE's new Guidelines affect my school?

As an employer, a school has a legal requirement to do a First Aid Needs Assessment - this should now be done using the HSE's new guidance.

How is the existing first aid guidance for schools affected?

The 'Guidance on First Aid for Schools' document (issued in 1998) points to the HSE's advice for employers being used for determining the numbers of first-aid personnel required. It also states "Schools normally include staff, pupils and visitors when carrying out risk assessments for first-aid needs."

Do schools need to re-train existing 'First Aid at Work' first aiders?

Existing First Aid at Work Certificates can be counted in your school's new first aid needs assessment, so you only need to retrain existing staff as their certificates expire (when they will move onto the new training regime). You may wish to consider annual refresher training for your existing first aiders, which falls in line with the new guidance.

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